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Monday, May 18, 2009

Running from pollution

I had thought there was no real pollution issues near around my peaceful home in kerala where I love to retreat to for sometime every year..., until I realized that paraquat(non selective, contact herbicide) was occasionally sprayed to control the weeds in our clean compound. I had assumed till then that the little that pushed up from beneath the gravel strewn over the mud were mostly hand weeded. Well, often hand weeded but not possible always, its true... I looked at the well in our compound.....Paraquat....., does have a bad enough half life(time taken for half of the chemical to decompose) which is at least more than a year.Hmm.. but has less mobility in soil so lesser chances of ground water pollution. There are only occasional rains in this season to push it down too much towards ground water and so degradation in the sun can be faster too. Not too bad then.
And..there is no place to run from pollution I guess...

Among all pesticides, I understand 'insecticide' exposure quite well enough, but I moved away from anything connected to Agri after graduation... but not really away from pollution as I soon realized. Env studies opened my eyes wider than I cared for. Can I now be happy that the vegs are free of worms, can I be pleased seeing a 'white' clean looking cauliflower? what sort of milk did I give my children. What of the packet milk my children are provided with... I used to look at the milk glass and wonder.. not some concoction of urea I hope. What sort of History does the water coming in the taps have? What combination of air have I been breathing in, each time, as I moved around over years in my country.
There is only one thing to do..Do the little, with the awareness, that I personally can do and stop worrying. because there is just not the option of running away from pollution and the possible effects. No point in worrying about what one has no control over.
Live peacefully without worry as long as we manage to live.. thats all there is to it

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