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Monday, May 11, 2009


I feel from experience that a persons attitude towards money speaks a lot about what that persons attitude in love and towards loved ones would be
1 A person who dislikes handling money usually dislikes handling relationships and probably frets too much over small issues
2 A person who is stingy about spending money over anyone but self, could be a person who cannot truly love anybody but self. In relationships the person may never be willing to accept a person in totality, but will allow or encourage only those aspects of the person that 'benefits' them.Such a person could show rejection if other aspects(unnecessary according to them) manifest
3 A person who is stingy even to spend on self, is a person who probably has or feels a dearth of love and affection in life in general
4 A person who spends without care probably fails to take any relationship to depth and just wastes energy in a whole lot of meaningless relationships
5 A person who wants others to spend for them despite being in possession of enough money, is usually a manipulator, who would manipulate the weakness of those who love them, so as to control them and have dominion over them.
6 A person who spends more on others than self, probably fears rejection and invests too much in others to keep from loosing their love.
7 A person who manages money well, saving as much as is necessary and spending on self and others depending on will, need, circumstance and propriety; usually is a tactful person and with good understanding of life and relationships and manages relationships well
8 A person who does not think of money, but only when it stands in front demanding to be used or invested,is usually a gentle soul probably capable of true love

As an after thought I want to add(despite the remote possibility of it being a prejudice) that men being inherently lovers of power and thereby money, may not hold the sort of love that women look for. I am reading romance novels currently and I find that only women authors are capable of creating the 'real' sort of lovers that are deficient(if not absent) in 'reality'.
Another thing is that there could be combinations of the above 8 types that could prove better or worse in relationships.Combinations can be of 2 or even more. 7-8 combination being probably best, 2-5 combination being the most difficult in relationship.


Jovy Thomas said...

Kollamallo!! Good views!! While writing each type in the list, did u think of any real life examples?

jerly said...

of course! doesnt come without experience, and even at being aware of one's own attitude linkings :-)

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