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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moving On

On someone dear's suggestion, I am writing one of my blogs as a poem. I am writing about moving on because that is the only constant thing in my life. Changing place, making a new world and moving on; half forgetting the past as some past life, past birth that left half a memory.. sweet bitter; loved despised. But it leaves some questions... what is all of it worth, that I have to leave behind? Why all the investment in a home, in friends when it has to be left behind, when I have to eventually move on? It is a question on life itself. something like what the book of Eclestiastics says- 'Everythng is Meaningless'


Why work up sand castles,
when the tide will bring it down?
why smile at the sea,
and go on building on?
when nothing lasts time,
there is only the moving on.

Would there stay a joy
'it was best it was tall'?
will there be an ache
'oh! the tide, oh! the fall'?
thinking back or moving on,
what does last through it all?

Does it thrill looking back,
or deep does it grieve?
for time even dims,
beloved memories.
clutching all or moving on?
clawing in on the breeze?

There is joy there is pain
in the stride, in the toss,
of the dreams fulfilled
but left far across.
moving on with a gain,
moving on with a loss.

With a smile full of cheer
on a heart that is worn,
to dreams yet to come
when the day is so gone,
to another world unknown
is forever, the moving on.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terror Attacks

I have visited Jaipur, friends live there. Last year I watched the laser show in lumbini gardens a few months before the blasts. have also travelled in the mumbai local trains. The tragedies cause pain and yes it does terrorize as intended. But what terrorizes more is that it is definitely sadists who do it and our pain and pleas only excite them to do more. No they can't be people with a purpose. No purpose can justify such disrespect for life and emotions.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


yesterday was a day in music, where i was reminded of my long forgotten earlier favourites in songs like dil hai ki,, chupana bhi nahin and o mere sapnonke... I was surprised that i remembered most of the lines. today i am listening to current favourites from Jab we met. Sort of like the songs represent yesterday and today. At each place I have been; i have been a different person and lived i feel a different life altogether. Like many lives in a lifetime. Each favourite music of different time reminds me of those different lifetimes. i feel then that i am back in that time frame with all those friends of those times. i value all my friends of all my stages but try not to keep in touch! thats the price i pay for being a 'nomad'. How can i find time for them all. its like 10 friends into 11 places thats 110! But i do live with them again each time i listen to those old favourites. hope some old friends find my blog and share me here in blogland.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good friends

Good friends bring in meaning to being one's own self; when one has an ear that LISTENS, a heart that TRULY understands, a hand that reaches out when you have only thought u need to hold, and with words that shower like rains on thirsty ground...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

the spice in life

Yesterday it rained here. Being a nature lover, the spice in life for me is 'the Romantic feeling' I experience especially after a rainfall; when the air smells heavenly and the earth and trees and shrubs and eveN rivers wear that washed look; when the moist sky looks mild and dreamy, as the sun goes for a nap; when the wet winds brush against my cheeks and ruffle my mane; that is when I feeeeel......LIFE IS SWELL!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


i think they are nature's best play 'grounds'. i have always loved playing in streams and rivulets. and woULd love to go back to childhood to relive those moments. Swimming underwater in those 'Thods' (as is called in malayalam) and picking beautiful pebbles. Watching one's own feet looking absolutely clean and fair. Watching sunshine's special touches on the stream going down to kiss the pebbles.WHAT FUN

Friday, May 2, 2008

Being Sick!

Day before yesterday I had my first flight experience. I forgot my fear as suddenly we took to the air and I could see the lighted city; but then suddenly I found it difficult to breathe, felt giddy, hands began getting stiff and I thought I will faint. I wanted to shout 'BRING THE PLANE DOWN' (quite like in the movie where Kajol shouts and brings the plane down) I don't know if it was totally air sickness or was it also spiced up with what could be a panic attack. I was given some hot drink.

I had the experience again as the plane started to descend and also puked. When we finally got down from the plane I felt the same as I do when I come out of water after a long swim.

But thinking back I felt that the residual feel of having suddenly lost control of my body is a THRILL.

The experience of  - "wow" even when 'I' am fine; my body can go totally and SUDDENLY berserk. To know that there can be 'mechanical malfunctions' due to sudden environmental change, though the 'I' was fine despite the changed environment and totally lost in the scene below!

So what I think about being sick is that " actually 'I' am never really sick, even though the body can malfunction and get sick"! but of course I did let it effect me in a way that I forgot the view and was totally concerned about getting the body back in control. Once down the plane I regretted not having watched how the sea looked.!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life as an earthling

I can't bear to think about it, it's like "baap re i am actually on a ball"!
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