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Thursday, February 21, 2013

CAREFUL!!...about that 'weak spot'

I recently cut my finger very badly on a glass.... following which I would hit my finger again and again at the same spot. I am sure u have noticed this in your life too….The weak spot is under attack. I became very alert. Initially, I thought I was just getting more aware when I might be hitting that spot in my finger often otherwise as well. But I noticed it would get hit in very unpredictable and out of the ordinary ways
Why does that happen? The weak spot has to be protected with extra care, as there do seem to be some powers that seek for it.

'Elimination  of the weak or the unfit' theory?  There does seem to be some energies that work on eliminating the unfit.  The weak deer of the pack is left behind and is caught. The shark is said to be able to smell even a drop of blood in the ocean and come for it. Some how the weak spot does seem to have a vibe that brings to it the powers that attack on it and eliminate it. It is a blind power. But it can be surmounted. When the inner strength rises to the challenge, it can indeed subdue these forces.

Nobody can ride your back unless it is bent. You might say you weren’t weak and yet you were dominated upon. Think carefully, you might not have noticed that weakness. Sometimes one's goodness can become a weakness…rather one's  naiveness.  Have u noticed how the manipulative  people don’t even trust the cleanest of person and how the good man trusts even the wilest one? It is trust that can be cheated not the mistrust.  This can be said of an individual, it can be said about a nation.  India as a country is weak because of its tolerance and easy going attitude towards many things and it gets hit again and again by terror forces.

One has to learn to see objectively and not see others as we see ourselves.  Innocence and naiveness is not always a virtue, one has to learn to be wise as a serpent even when innocent as a dove. One needs to learn toughness, hardness and decisiveness. When the eliminating energies begin to revolve around you, use it to bring out the insurmountable power within you that is above all powers. Become more, and rise above your weakness. Then you would be fit enough to survive.

It is said that one's past life sins are responsible for the tragedies of the current life. I don’t believe that because Abel was the son of the first man Adam and he was murdered by his brother Cain out of jealousy. His was obviously a first birth and his past life sins can definitely not be responsible! I had been looking up the regression session readings of some people. A farmer’s earlier birth had been of a chemistry professor. A poor girl's earlier birth had been of a preacher in church…It is not always a progression to a better birth!!?? A sage in one mythological story was born in the next birth as a deer because he had got attached to a deer during his final years in the forest!!

It may not be just about desire and attachment though. Maybe the life of a chemistry teacher failed to teach somethings that the life of a farmer could? To get a clear idea of anything we need to see life from different perspectives, we need to see life through different kinds of eyes. Death can only kill the body . Just as in a play, there is no real loss but lessons gained are there, buried in the spirit that needs to be tapped into and opened to reach our own fullness gained from a complete view. Each life may show us a different aspect of a bigger truth; such as 'a different part of the elephant' but if we stay blind we will not see the tail to be a part of something bigger.

With each episode in life, we are meant to open our eyes..wider.... and connect the links to get the whole picture. With each attack on us, we are meant to recognise our weak spots and are supposed to eliminate it one by one till we are unconquerable.
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