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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eclipse of the Soul

Does eclipse have an effect on us? Whenever there is an eclipse there is also a huge debate on this!
I wont comment on whether there is an effect of eclipse but I will admit that I do believe in truth to astrology (unlike most Christians), though.... I do not put my 'trust' in it rather I put my trust in the power of faith (like Christians) . Christian or not, one has to acknowledge the possibility of effect of heavenly bodies on life forms just like the moon has an effect on the sea (after all we are around 90% water!).
The Bible, as I know it, only implies not to put 'trust' in such things but rather have faith in God (as God is above all such things).It does not say that there is no truth in astrology, but rather asserts, that believing in its effects should not make us surrender to it, making no effort of will or faith to force a difference.

We are affected not only by heavenly phenomenon, but also by our genes, our hormones, our culture, environment and upbringing..So many factors!Knowing and acknowledging all the factors that effect the physical body does not mean to surrender to being slaves of it but to be empowered by the knowledge to recognize when our reactions or moods or circumstances may have been under an 'influence'. And so neither take credit nor slave it, rather we could use it for the best depending upon the context. (Also for those who change place a lot, knowing the birth signs of new people can help to connect more quickly and be better prepared on what could be expected and how to deal with it.)

Knowing and awareness of all influences on us can help us to decide to step out and think clear when the influences are negative- by the sheer power of the soul's free will as the soul cannot be effected by physical influences on the body.

Therefore being aware of the truth does not mean putting all faith in it or surrendering to it. Rather "the truth as always can set us free" ..in a way that the soul can step out from being eclipsed by the forces on the body.
When the influences are bad ..step out.. when the influences are good.. why not let the awareness be a little help? That is the proper use of knowledge, awareness and free will.

The Mighty Sun can be eclipsed surely but there never can be an eclipse of the Soul.. unless we forget this truth...

The cause and cure of homosexuality

In the newspaper supplement I noted recently that a gay person asked an expert a suggestion on a cure to homosexuality. The expert discouraged such a seeking for cure.
But if there is a willingness, an urge to come out of it, then there has to be a cure. Maybe in the cause there lies the cure..

My mind has been filling with a thought which may or may not be accurate but I feel compelled to write. It is an afterthought of my preceeding post on Men Women.
I believe that narcissistic love (self Love) may lead to disinterest in the opposite and magnification of the interest in the 'same'(in the weak and susceptible minds). What I mean is, it could in some cases be a malady of the mind. It is probably the reason why the Bible prohibits masturbation as well due to its focus on self and its possible effects on the mind and thoughts (although I feel masturbation has to be more acceptable than abusing another for ones needs!).

Those who are slaves to the body and the mind need to follow all the laws in the Bible to avoid being led by the waywardness of the mind. The Bible does not explicitly explain itself, probably because explanations can also become seeds to waywardness to weak and susceptible minds. It is also possible that instilling fear of punishment in those times must have been considered better help than explaining.

Animals I had thought do not have homosexuals and I believed that is because they are creatures of instinct; but a friend corrected me informing that 1500 species (fruit flies, lions and primates) exhibit homosexuality. He also wrote to me that most large animals that exhibit homosexuality live in groups and sex is used as a form of bonding mechanism and conflict resolution tool.

But still I would pursue the point that man with the superior mind sometimes follows more the mind than the instinct. With time and repeated attention to the wayward thoughts created by the idle mind, its dictates may be misread as instinct or sexual orientation. (Here I would like to stress that man being oriented towards living as a civilization, sometimes requires its people to put 'mind before instincts' and at other times "natural instinct before mind"...with the sole purpose of keeping the society civil and healthy and avoid unrest within the society).

I conclude therefore that if thought could be shifted away from self and sameness, heterosexual instincts could consequently resurface in atleast the cases where the homosexuality is brought about by abnormal situations like peer group indulgances for mere fun and for killing boredom..

But I am including here the informations from my friend Thriveen that requires to be noted before forming any definite opinions on the subject.

'Homosexuality was considered as a pathological mental illness in 19th and first part of 20th century, but empirical and scientific studies failed to produce a basis for regarding homosexuality as a disorder or abnormality. So American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973 and American Psychological Association soon followed suit in 1975.

So it is not an abnormality similar to Down’s Syndrome but more of a rare physico-genetic trait such as left-handedness. It is estimated that 2-3% of human population is homosexual and they have minor genetic, prenatal/ embryological and neurological differences from others; though the biological basis of homosexuality is not foolproof. So sexual instincts may not be as inherent as we assume because 10% of all humans may be bisexual (capable of sexual relations with both gender) and 1% is asexual (incapable of sexual relations with any gender) without having any physical or mental abnormalities.'

Friday, July 17, 2009

men women

There are certain conclusions that I have drawn regarding men women and I am making the generalized observation in accordance with my perception of how the men women world is working. The understanding could be most useful when the two worlds meet.

Men have to a varying degree 'the sadistic instinct'probably provided by nature (could be the effect of testosterone which only biologists could confirm or find out)so as to become the agressor in procreation..to inflict pain if required to attain pleasure.

Women are made out to be more or less dreamers and self lovers again to varying degrees which possibly is also a hormonal effect..so that there is 'strutting' and seeking for appreciation though it might require or result in pain.

These nature endowed factors in both, though help in procreation are blocks in the spiritual search for true love. The 'body' thus may be obstructing the experience of true love.

These factors in men lead to love taking backseat and pleasure front seat even if it be often tinged with sadistic pleasure. In women these factors could lead to insecurities and jealousies taking precidence over unconditional love. Depending on the Yin Yang ratios, both men and women may have these blocks in the ratio of their own Yin Yang.

That is why physical love is shallow where the soul stands away as a mute spectator.The spirit needs to rise above these 'bodily' or physical blocks to unleash the experience of true love. Only when the two can come together out of spiritual love alongside the physical (or which generates the physical)..can the bonding be complete..awakening true love and true happiness in both the participants and enriching the spirit. In such a bonding the soul participates and only then do two really become one enriching each other in the meeting.

Friday, July 10, 2009


The article 377 has been amended and of course the hardcore christian will have some worries concerning this, particularly because the Bible has a negative stance about 'unnatural acts' . I agree that homosexuality is not in with the natural instincts. But lets say that it is one of nature's abberations. (But also it seems to be not a small population with the homosexual inclinations!)

Maybe I can clear my thought on this issue if I think on it a bit laterally.
If out of 10 kids a mother has one abnormal kid,(could be any thing..say mental retardation) would it be proper for the mother to expect that child to behave like the other 9 do? Abnormalities are a 'normal' phenomenon in nature. And the behavior that such a child shows is "natural". As long as the other nine are not affected in a negative manner, the abnormal child can and just has to be allowed to be his/her natural self, because it cannot be altered! And it cannot in any way be criminal to be born abnormal.

Thinking in parallel terms; sexual instincts are, I believe, inherent, and cannot be developed or influenced upon. As long as it is inherent, it is 'natural' though not 'normal' natural instinct.

P.S: Not criminalizing homosexuality means accepting it as an aberation rather than crime but allowing marriage would give a wrong message that homosexuality is a normal social behavior rather than an aberation. It is important not to celebrate an aberation of nature though we spare it any judgement specially because it could give the wrong message to influencable young minds.
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