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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eclipse of the Soul

Does eclipse have an effect on us? Whenever there is an eclipse there is also a huge debate on this!
I wont comment on whether there is an effect of eclipse but I will admit that I do believe in truth to astrology (unlike most Christians), though.... I do not put my 'trust' in it rather I put my trust in the power of faith (like Christians) . Christian or not, one has to acknowledge the possibility of effect of heavenly bodies on life forms just like the moon has an effect on the sea (after all we are around 90% water!).
The Bible, as I know it, only implies not to put 'trust' in such things but rather have faith in God (as God is above all such things).It does not say that there is no truth in astrology, but rather asserts, that believing in its effects should not make us surrender to it, making no effort of will or faith to force a difference.

We are affected not only by heavenly phenomenon, but also by our genes, our hormones, our culture, environment and upbringing..So many factors!Knowing and acknowledging all the factors that effect the physical body does not mean to surrender to being slaves of it but to be empowered by the knowledge to recognize when our reactions or moods or circumstances may have been under an 'influence'. And so neither take credit nor slave it, rather we could use it for the best depending upon the context. (Also for those who change place a lot, knowing the birth signs of new people can help to connect more quickly and be better prepared on what could be expected and how to deal with it.)

Knowing and awareness of all influences on us can help us to decide to step out and think clear when the influences are negative- by the sheer power of the soul's free will as the soul cannot be effected by physical influences on the body.

Therefore being aware of the truth does not mean putting all faith in it or surrendering to it. Rather "the truth as always can set us free" ..in a way that the soul can step out from being eclipsed by the forces on the body.
When the influences are bad ..step out.. when the influences are good.. why not let the awareness be a little help? That is the proper use of knowledge, awareness and free will.

The Mighty Sun can be eclipsed surely but there never can be an eclipse of the Soul.. unless we forget this truth...

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