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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar

I have been thinking since the past week of writing a blog to honour Sachin after his much written about 175 in hyderabad..But the papers are replete with articles about him as he completes his 20 years in International cricket. Maybe another article in the net from me is not really necessary but still I want to. I have not really been a fan of cricket. And after the match fixing fiasco, I haven't even watched a whole match. But through it all I have always admired Sachin and maybe he is the only one I would say I am a fan of. Whenever he has been criticized for some non performances, I have felt ashamed about those who criticize him. I may never see a match but I can always say with certainty that it was just the luck that day and not any lack in Sachin. He is one person who I believe does not ever deserve to be negatively criticized. I have seen him stand at the crease to bat. I can see his eyes and his demeanor. Here is a man who plays for the nation. His focus on the ball and the game and the focus on the need of the team comes through in his attitude and his eyes. He is so focused that it comes through burning the TV screen.

Quite like his wife, I too have often wondered "How is it that he is not affected by pressures of expectations or negative criticisms or even self doubts" This is his strength that has often made him carry forth a one man show in the game, where those with not as much mental toughness crumble at the other end of the crease.

Sports is as much a test of mental toughness as of physical toughness and technique.
Weaker minds wither away in a sport that puts on so much pressure on every moment
He is a strong enduring Mind. A mind to give honour to...always..whatever he scores..

Recieving the Eucharist

Today in church, I really was touched by the sermon of our aged priest..It was about being like little children and forgetting and forgiving immediately after a fight. He asked us to remember all those whom we hadn't forgiven and forgive them. I felt the whole process very liberating and shedding all and any anger against anybody or even against myself, I proceeded towards the alter for recieving the eucharist(the body and blood of christ). I noticed the young priest who was giving away the eucharist,looking suspiciously at a lady three places in front of me in line as she moved away after recieving the eucharist. Probably she didnt recieve it in the proper way and the priest suspected that she was not a christian. He asked another man to bring her back. He was distracted and had anger writ on his face. I had noticed the woman who had taken the eucharist and passed by me, she had looked blessed to have recieved the eucharist. The priest was looking away at where the lady had gone as he gave the eucharist to the two in front of me. He was still looking away distracted as he kept me waiting for the eucharist. I felt upset as he had managed to kill all my feelings out of the blessedness of the act that I was to perform in recieving the eucharist! Quite involuntaritly I opened my palms which had been joined in prayer and posed a questioning "what!!" with it at the priest!Sorry!!! Mercifully I guess the priest was too busy looking away to notice me.

After the eucharist the priest went towards the back to where the woman was standing. I saw the agressive expression on his face as he passed by. I looked back to see him question them. From the gestures and expressions in the answers I guessed they were christians all right, probably 'reasonably new converts' which could have led to some mistake or whatever, that had made the priest doubt that she may not be christian.
I know that the church forbids non christians from recieving the eucharist.. but really for me personally whoever comes to church with reverence is a christian. Ofcourse the priests have to be alert with their duties...
But I really wish they didnt have this duty to do which could distract them from the duty to give 100% of their prayerful presence to those who had come with reverence to recieve the eucharist- the body and blood of Christ- from his hands.
And I also wish that those standing in line to recieve it don't take it upon themselves to question those alongside in line whether they are christian or not(I have witnessed it happen too -on a christmas morning -and in that case too, the one questioned was a christian, a regular infact!).
Those standing for eucharist and the one giving, in my opinion, have to be totally looking into their own selves, to see how much of a christian they themselves are as they prepare to give or recieve the body and blood of christ.
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