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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vanity is Fair

When Spreads the Magic.....

Concept and Created By - Jovy Thomas- Photographer (multimedia)
Starring- Jerly
Year of creation- 2007

God gives us a mixed bag. He may not give us somethings we ask, but then he may also give us blessing which we never expected either! He gave me a blessing in the form of my sister in law who did for me what I don't think I ever seriously dreamed of! From taking professional pictures of me to making a video of me! Well, which sister in law does that!

She chose a song for me "soniye"(beautiful)! I was not sure it was a song that should be sung for me and then she allowed me to chose and sit with her as she edited.

Not that this song that I chose for the video (Jab Chaye) is any modest in comparison !! It means that- when my magic spreads nobody escapes! And then the song goes on to describe a 'mixed bag' of opposite features like both soft and fiery, wounding and healing, a storm, a breeze etc etc...
Not modest at all but hey every girl is allowed some vanity, Right? Vanity is fair in a woman....so here's some awesome lyrics and video for me.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Who Am I

When at the crossroads where I have to choose;
I ask-who am I?
And  I choose what is true to my being;
And pass the other by...
When I feel I am wrong, and have gone with what I desired,
I don't regret ...
It is still who I am.
All what I could not do without;
It was better , than to die...

I am, when I can be
all that I want to give.
I am the one who lives,
 when my spirit is full fire.

The out held hands come many
But want not all that I am
 I have to pass them by, 
say a hundred times goodbye.
And hold only to a hope..
 that does not choose to die
..for a heart, who knows, and calls,
                                                                          to all of ‘who I am’
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