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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moving On

On someone dear's suggestion, I am writing one of my blogs as a poem. I am writing about moving on because that is the only constant thing in my life. Changing place, making a new world and moving on; half forgetting the past as some past life, past birth that left half a memory.. sweet bitter; loved despised. But it leaves some questions... what is all of it worth, that I have to leave behind? Why all the investment in a home, in friends when it has to be left behind, when I have to eventually move on? It is a question on life itself. something like what the book of Eclestiastics says- 'Everythng is Meaningless'


Why work up sand castles,
when the tide will bring it down?
why smile at the sea,
and go on building on?
when nothing lasts time,
there is only the moving on.

Would there stay a joy
'it was best it was tall'?
will there be an ache
'oh! the tide, oh! the fall'?
thinking back or moving on,
what does last through it all?

Does it thrill looking back,
or deep does it grieve?
for time even dims,
beloved memories.
clutching all or moving on?
clawing in on the breeze?

There is joy there is pain
in the stride, in the toss,
of the dreams fulfilled
but left far across.
moving on with a gain,
moving on with a loss.

With a smile full of cheer
on a heart that is worn,
to dreams yet to come
when the day is so gone,
to another world unknown
is forever, the moving on.


Jovy Thomas said...

Thank u for this poem.....

Monu Awalla said...

It displays your thinking ability to an extent where people would say- 'She is god-gifted.'

GvSparx said...

I really loved the way you begin it...
Why work up sand castles,
when the tide will bring it down?
why smile at the sea,
and go on building on?
when nothing lasts time,
there is only the moving on.

Beautiful imagery :) Will keep visiting :)

Jerly said...

Thanks so much . I am so glad u took the effort, visited and read and more glad that u commented...:)

Anonymous said...

Dont stuck to 'meaningless' thoughts, just move on for unknown time- your poem suggest well that!

FherYmas said...

Why write a blog?
When no one reads...
Just kidding Jerly, this is a beautiful outpouring. So true!!!

Jerly said...

WE have to enjoy what we have even if we have it for some time only. We possess nothing. everything is passing Maheshwar. Yeah Fher I have felt it many a time why write when no on e to read !! But I guess i have to do even if its for my out pouring, or even if very few would ever read....

melissa said...

I actually love your thoughts Jerly...some are easy reads and some are a bit heavy that I need more time to digest them...but they do feed the soul.

I do agree with Qoheleth, "Vanity of vanities! Everything is vanity..." and hence this continuous passage of moving on and letting go...until nothing is left of us but a complete surrender to God :)

Jerly said...

Thank u so much dear Melissa. These are precisely the words that I want to hear, that it does feed the soul. :) Love u :)

Grace said...

so well written and beautiful:)

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