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Friday, May 8, 2009


What prompts me to write about death is a recent discussion with a relation on this topic. I thought then of putting my feelings in my blog
The reason death is feared is that what lies beyond or even that there is a'beyond' is unknown, and the unknown brings fears. But what I feel is why fear the inevitable. nobody escapes it. If I have a beginning I have an end. If I am eternal I stay eternal. whichever of this is true is true and cannot be changed. either I end or I stay eternal. or the body ends and the spirit stays eternal. When the inevitable is not feared, at least the 'inbetween' or can i say 'limbo' is avoided.

1 comment:

Jovy Thomas said...

Earlier I thought if I died during a sleep(without knowing pain) it will be so nice..... But after having my baby, I too have a fear of death!!! :)

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