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Saturday, May 16, 2009

being taken care of

Today in church, the priest asked the parents 'not to put children to sunday school when they are not yet of an age to understand the lessons. Parents put their kids when they are just in UKG thinking that by 9th standard they will be free of sunday school and can concentrate on board exams.' He asked not to think in that manner because 'isnt it God who will take care of our needs.'

I believe that last line with my whole heart because I know it beyond doubt to be true. Even when parents, relation or friends or spouse become the medium, I can recognize quite distinctly in the manner the needs are met, as to who actually the provider is.

The signs are all there..
-Even I was not aware I needed it.
-or there is a whole lot of events that take place on which nobody has control of in which few people come together and meet a requirement I had, that I personally didn't bother about.
--the way I or those responsible for me are led to make choices that bring to me something that I had thought was not for me.
-the way certain things I am led to do (sometimes wrong in the bookish sense) and in the process learn, are so clearly the very lessons that help me understand and manage the immediately following perplexing scenario!

I am sure everybody has had similar experiences.
At the same time I know how I enjoy giving to someone who is thrilled by even a small gift, or who cherishes it more. I feel like giving more to that person.And so I feel that a person who has a grateful heart that sees the value in the seeming little things; gets or maybe recognizes or remembers more of such 'being provided for' experiences.Whereas,a person who does not recognize even an immensely valuable gift as being so, looses it (or does not derive it's benefits in the fullest sense), and nobody but that person's ingratitude is responsible for the dearth in his/ her life.

The more a person loves or values a 'need met' as having been given by God, the more are all sort of such 'small and big' needs of the person found met with.

What sort of person has this- much required 'Gratitude'?;
I am compelled to believe that gratitude comes easy to a person who desires to do the will of God in all circumstances, even when there is not the surety of what the will of God is. Such a person, I am sure, by the mere power of the honesty of the desire,will end up making the right choices and thereby getting the 'right'things in life. Surrendering to the will of God even when the results are painful makes for a genuine person who is grateful about everything received from the hands of God;'whether joyous or painful'. And so everything received attains immense value and benefits pour in due to the value assigned.

That would also be what is meant in the verse 'Seek the kingdom of God first and all these things (that you desire/need) shall be yours.'

I think sometimes gifts come with a duration and trust that it is so because such a gift holds its value only within that duration.
The one who truly desires the will of God, I guess ought to accept willingly the pain of loosing it despite having cherished it; just as readily as was accepted the joy of having found it...

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