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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I do believe in fate. Even when people say 'we make our own fate', I wonder why we manage to make our own fate. There are stages in life when we know how to work to make 'the future' but confidence fails us (or sometimes we are led to believe that it must have been lacking). Then there are stages in our life when there is an upsurge of confidence that is fueled into us from someplace and somehow or we are pushed by circumstances to deeply desire a particular feature in our future and then it comes true! Then we are made to believe that we have built our future.

But what is it behind our fluctuating faith and confidence, about our very nature or even circumstances that powers our desires and what is it behind our faith (or lack of it) in self about being powerful enough to mould the future? and so when the desires manifest into reality, I blame 'that something' behind the scene. I still did not create my future.

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