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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


A Girl does not become a real woman without this experience. I am convinced about it, thinking on what I was before and what I am now in 5 years since 2004. I don't mean that just having delivered the baby would make a woman complete. Motherhood involves bringing them up; interacting, teaching, being there for them and in even letting them free. In doing all this motherhood brings in a great deal of power and authority in the woman, her attitude and in her speech. It brings in a great deal of different kinds of emotions ranging from immense love to utter wrath.Also the feeling of being responsible, as I feel of having 2 'little people' totally attached and depending on me. In time it seems to have unleashed also a kind of womanly confidence like never before. And all this is not a subtle change, rather it is a whole metamorphosis from a Girl to a Woman.

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