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Friday, May 15, 2009


I felt, after I read what I first wrote on the topic 'money', that it seemed to hold a tiny hint of cynicism.I pondered for a whole day and so a day later I tried to minimize the cynicism in at least the afterthought that I had written regarding men in particular. The rest I kept unchanged and still hold on as true enough and useful as a 'lookout' (if not as a rule) despite the slight twang of cynicism.

Why I want to move away from developing cynicism is that a cynic would have to be a bit negative about self too because the cynic is not separate from the human race. And who would want to become so..negative as to be negative about self! Though the darkness of disapointment is sometimes too 'often', for the spark of faith in humanity to survive, there still comes the sudden flush of sincerety and love like the oxygen that saves the spark which does not wish to die out.

When I do get disappointed to the stage of cynicism I turn to my trust in the creator of the human race and decide Him to have been behind the whole 'play' of characters and circumstances; enacted to give all the participants the much required experience. I read recently that, 'Experience,at any cost is cheap'

So I accept my experience and am wiser by it.... And discard the side effects.

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