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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


yesterday was a day in music, where i was reminded of my long forgotten earlier favourites in songs like dil hai ki,, chupana bhi nahin and o mere sapnonke... I was surprised that i remembered most of the lines. today i am listening to current favourites from Jab we met. Sort of like the songs represent yesterday and today. At each place I have been; i have been a different person and lived i feel a different life altogether. Like many lives in a lifetime. Each favourite music of different time reminds me of those different lifetimes. i feel then that i am back in that time frame with all those friends of those times. i value all my friends of all my stages but try not to keep in touch! thats the price i pay for being a 'nomad'. How can i find time for them all. its like 10 friends into 11 places thats 110! But i do live with them again each time i listen to those old favourites. hope some old friends find my blog and share me here in blogland.

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