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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Changing Love and Law

Pune Mirror, tuesday June 23 ran an article "Vow for Now!" which talked about newly weds ditching 'till death do us part' wedding vows with pledges 'as long as our love lasts'.
Having for most part been a conservative person I still cant help thinking that it is best if marriage does last even if love does change in many ways,.. but at the same time happiness too is important. If one is not happy with a relationship, it can pull down the whole family into unhappiness, for unhappiness only begets unhappiness. It would be better then to seek happiness, and if it becomes just impossible to be happy and maintain happiness in the family while staying in the marriage then it is probably only best to release the whole family from misery by ending the relationship.

Being a christian, it is tough to erase the black and white of issues and adopt the newage greys but I guess it is the colour of the times. I do think it would be better to take easier vows while hoping that the love lasts for ever than make big vows and become guilty of breaking them. Even a study of the Old testament of the Bible shows up a difference in terms of nuptial do's and dont's with the size and nature of the population or with the need of the times.

I personally feel that in the past few years there has been a very drastic change in terms of the social structure of much of urban India. If a seer had come in this new world then would have provided us with a new law of love and marriage. Since nothing like that has happened what do we refer to? We have to refer to the law being rewritten in the hearts of the whole of our community.

Born of an age of the hardcore dreamer, and religious idealists, I found it unexplainably traumatic to accept the rewriting in my heart. But now that I have accepted it,I am at peace. The heart is to be trusted above all else while looking for the TRUE and CURRENT answers floating in the Cosmic Space.


melissa said...

I do appreciate that your topics revolve around relationships and most esp. on marriage.

I just watched a lovestory of a lifetime and this makes up for the 'mess' we find ourselves into when one grows old, fat and undesirable.

Rewriting the law in our hearts would mean for me ~ metanoia. Sometimes, I do wonder if it's growing selfishness to be 'happy'... (abuse is always an exception to the rule, there are no second chances for me when there's abuse).

Or perhaps, I'm too idealistic to even see beyond a couple's experiences. More than a law, marriage is a sacrament ~ a sacred covenant. God is always involved in the union.

The change should come from the heart not the rule...

melissa said...
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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

There is much about these modern days that I don't like, but, as you point out, we live in a society which is becoming more and more secular. We may live in it, but we don't have to be part of it, holding to higher standards - the ones God has put in place.
Enjoyed this reflection!

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