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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I am amused by something that I am guilty of!! I have spent quite a few years of my life hitting my head over contradictions in spiritual teachings and now.... I am guilty of often contradicting my own statements!

I wrote, that I believed in fate but I also wrote that thoughts can create our future! I wrote about the effect of planets and I also wrote about free will! But I am not really being unsure, I am just observing the truths in life and 'wondering' loud in my blog. I realise finally that seekers are only stating their 'wonder' and readers see 'contradiction' when they look at the different writings but fail to learn directly by looking for themselves at the object that inspired the writings or statements.

Sure there is the 'Karma' that determines the future of an individual, and definitely there is also the power of prayer and power of God that can overcome all and any influences on destiny. The truth that we experience everyday in life is too compex to chalk out in black and white. We can only open our eyes in wonder at each new discovery a day brings and the next contradicts! We can just understand all the various influences on our life as we understand light. Light is composed of many colours/wavelengths, in the same way the influences in our life are many. In the morning light seems red because the red component is more dispersed. In the day time the blue colour is more visible. Similarly in our life at different points of time some of the influences may be more prominent than the other. When it is night there is no light just as when the soul, the higher self is in control of the body, physical influences recede in importance.

Even relationships are too complex to be tied in a law. It is great to write out the do's and dont's, the right and wrong but difficult to follow it through while living with the dynamics of relationships. There is the option of looking into the rule book or the option of looking directly at what might have inspired the writing of a rule book. Finally again when the soul, the higher self is in control of the body, there are no rules to be followed, just the will coming from the depth of the heart is to be followed.

I feel that there are really no laws or rules that are absolute and which cannot be proved to be breakable, if the powers that rule us decide to prove it to us! Even the Titanic sank. Even our will or our purity or our perfections can sink under some unforseen impact or impacts. Is it even really true that will, purity, perfections or even ships should never sink, should never falter should never fail! The truth amuses me, makes me laugh like a child seeing the joke in what as an adult I would be expected to cry over. There is nothing we can pride in. Can we take pride in our knowledge at least. How?, when even our knowledge is only the discoverer's wonder, not the inventor's genious

But yes, 'wonder' is the real state of knowing.

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Monu Awalla said...

well jerly... I read in the times of india's article(the speaking tree) that- 'everything happens just because of this cosmic universe...anyways visit my blog u will enjoy some humour there! my frndz tel me that i m witty but i want u to judge...c ya.

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