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Saturday, October 10, 2009

THAT WHICH GOD has united....

When I read of really bad marriages, like where the man beats his wife regularly and the wife finally kills him...or where the man abuses the self esteem of the wife constantly by saying she is not worth even looking at and then ends up one day being burnt alive by the wife..., I wonder, wouldn't it have been better if at a right moment they had said 'no' to the torturous relationship and opted for divorce!

I shouldn't be the one saying this...Wasn't it only last sunday that I heard the sermon where Jesus tells the people that Moses allowed for divorce because the people's hearts were hard. But the truth is that if a man or woman divorces and joins another, the person is guilty of committing adultry. He says that, 'What God has united, let not man separate.'

But still I am the one saying this because, after that sermon I have been repeatedly rallied with related informations, that make me conclude for one that.....

...The statements I heard in the sermon also mean that, opting for divorce is, opting for the lesser evil, when one or the other of the person involved in the nuptial bond has a 'hard heart'! (Hard heart has to be a heart not open to God)
When a marriage shows posibilities of worse consequences than divorce, isnt it better to opt for the lesser evil!

The sermon on sunday (the 4th of october), had put me in a contemplative mood for some time. I wondered about the implications of the words. Two days later I opened the CD on chakra meditation by shri shri Ravi Shankar that I had brought in the art of Living class. While doing the meditation, I remembered of the book on REIKI that I had in which there was a study on the seven chakra's in the human body and so took it out and read it again.

The very next day on 7th of oct, I read of 'The Divine aspect of an Ideal Relationship'(Yogi Ashwini) in The Speaking Tree, The Times of India, in which the ideal relationship was supposed to be a bonding at the levels of the seven chakras(energy centres)of the body! Bonding of only the lower chakras implies that the purpose of the relationship is lower like sharing belongings or sexual and selfish purposes.Bonding of higher chakras implies that the purpose is higher like selfless love and spiritual purposes. It said that 'How long a marital relationship lasted would depend upon the evolution of that relationship. The higher the purpose, the longer the union would be.'

That would also mean that two people at different levels of spiritual development, if joined in marriage may never join completely! It can be because of the lack of willingness to be influenced by the other partner to bring the relationship to higher levels of bonding.

So my other conclusion is that..What is actually ununited at the level of God, goodness and selfless love is not really being separated in Divorce (at social or emotional level), it just always has been that..'ununited'!

The social function of marriage is not the only thing required to call a union as facilitated by God. What GOD UNITES cannot be just a social or surface union, it has to be a complete union.

Therefore, that bond which is also(or at the heart, one is aware of it's potential to be) at the level of the energies(chakras) of God, goodness and selfless love, is a union by (and in )God, and under negative influences or circumstances the selfish man inside should not opt, to separate.Also it is important to remember the quote "Everyone in your life will hurt you sooner or later. What you have to decide is what is more important, The Pain or The Person" It is very rare that a sincere heart would want to give up on a person one has spent years with, the person that God might have assigned to help grow spiritually. If nothing else works to unite at all levels,sincere family prayers included into the routine might work towards bringing in the complete union.

WHAT GOD HAS UNITED, let not man separate....
THAT WHICH GOD HAS UNITED can not be or atleast never stays an incomplete union
THAT WHICH GOD HAS UNITED has to be a complete union....


Jovy Thomas said...

I want to share what I heard from our parish priest after the same reading regarding marriage.

He said as a child he had noticed his father being a very active member of his parish. He participated in church activities. But when the time to receive Holy Sacraments come during the Mass, he won't go to receive it, because he was divorced!

As a child, it worried the priest so much. So now he is telling his parishioners, never hesitate to come back to God, even if they are divorced. (Because now they are afraid of God, because they did divorce!! )

According to him, it is not a great sin, that can separate us from God for ever. So as I read the following, 'opting for divorce is, opting for the lesser evil', i am thinking the priest also believes the same.

Monu Awalla said...

Thank u Jerly for giving me advice. From now on I'll make sure of the proportions while sketching. Plz do tell me- wat's your take on my poems!

Monu Awalla said...

Have gone throuh this article of your's. You described 'chakras' & 'importance of marriage' explicitly. After goin' through, I was literally contemplating for some time!

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