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Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have been talking about poetry to a blogger friend and that has put me in the poetic mode.
As topic, I am choosing to write in verse, something I had painted in oil a few years back which I had titled conflict..It depicted a conflict between reality and ideals and how it can feel like two forces are pulling you to two opposite directions, each demanding that you believe in them and not the other. We want to believe in ideals but reality keeps pulling us to the ground...
These two(reality and Ideals) are more often than not... poles apart. We have to close our eyes to the reality so that we can believe in Ideals.
This poem comes to terms with these two mutually excluding phenomenon. Accepting that they rarely come together...


Dreams fly and soar,they are wings fluttering free
Truth grounds and floors,it is earth rooting me
Am I flying am I rooted, or ‘conflict’ in entirety!

Oh the sky has its pull, but the roots have their hold
Yet mind is never still, though the past put in mould
Yes, there are the wishes....then there is the practicality!

I move to a future, then move back to a past
I am pulled, I am held, I am tearing apart
Oh I stop the striving, ‘Pull apart to a rarity!’

The light shines on me, but darkness doesn’t leave
In my hands there is joy, but inside there is grief
Bright..are the ideals, untouched...reality.


Monu Awalla said...

Thank you for ur comment on the template of my blog, at least you liked something about me :)ha ha...

Well u have done total justice to your "conflict"... Most of the lines grabs reader's attention and make an impact to find a way to the heart and make it's dwelling place right there!:) I

Jerly said...

thank u :)

Monu Awalla said...

Check-out my new poem!!:)

Rimly said...

I can so connect to this poem Jeryl. Beautiful. Would love to see that painting of yours that inspired you to write this poem

Mani said...

Jerly this s beautiful!! Its a thoughtful write-up. Yes plz do post d painting!!

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