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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The gate to reality

Life, its issues, miseries and trials..are, but unreal.
Listen, to the trees, the clouds, the vast endless sky..so beautifully,
silently, speaking..what is real.

The words, the hurts, the diseases, the agony..all, indeed unreal.
The rousing of the sleeping spirit; the inner calm ..so tranquil,
through life's painful prodding..  is, deeply real.

Half asleep or wide awake; the body still slumbers, stays unreal.
but with the first stirring of the soul ....arises beauty
surreal..so real, ethereal.

All that was the world, was life, to the body... but dies with death, is unreal.
All that is gained, in spirit....through life, through death
..is real....is real...is real.


deeps said...

truth or reality?

The Purple Assassin. said...

beautifully true.

Jerly said...


Devilish Angel said...

About spirit very few will understand... Well written...

Jerly said...

thank u for leaving your thoughts here :)

ursunshine said...

nice thoughts

Kalaparthy Prasad said...

Hello Jerly, good thoughts on 'the gate to reality'. But how do you explain, "my body is the vehicle for my spirit and to its realization'?

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