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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paradise----Heaven on Earth

Man is said to be made in the image of the Cosmic Purusha (Cosmic Man). There are said to be seven Lokas or worlds and man therefore is made similarly with seven chakras.

Chakras are pools of energy in our bodies which govern our qualities. There are said to be seven main chakras in all; four in our upper body ( the crown chakra(sahastra), the third eye chakra, The throat chakra, the heart chakra), which govern our mind (yang); and three in the lower body (the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the root chakra) which govern our instincts (yin).

Kundalini energy is the Goddess, Earth, Mother, Shakti, the universal yin or Earth Chi within all of us. This energy is drawn up through the feet and through the lower chakras.

It awaits the Union with God, Spirit, Father, Shiva, universal Yang or Heaven Chi which collects in the body through the Crown chakra (sahasra) located at the center of the top of the head. This point through which Heaven chi enters the body, is the place of transcendent consciousness or true Self.

When the dark negative force called kundalini or yin is taken to the Sahasra and when it is united with the light, the positive, the yang, the seeker attains the perfect stillness or samadhi. This union of energies when maintained in equilibrium can bring in man the qualities of equanimity and unconditional love.

This concept is not different from Christian beliefs. In Christianity the Christ is said to be the head and the world is the body, his bride.The new testament asserts that "we are many parts of one body". We are the bride awaiting the union with our bridegroom the Christ! All concepts are intertwined and in fact are one in spirit. How have different people, cultures and different religions spoken in different words about the same phenomenon? Obviously, where science cannot go, the opened heart goes, and it can be trusted to have come back with the right answers! That is how all people spread apart speak the same thing.

It can be seen that the relation of the human head and body is in similarity to the relation between God and creation.The microcosm is evidently in the image of the Macrocosm.

The undivided infinite Brahma on the other hand is pure consciousness. Creation happens when the undivided separates into a polarity of yin yang, positive negative, night day, light dark. And so creation is not possible without this division or conflict. That is why all life form feels this double pull, this conflict which separates us from our true undivided identity.

The yin in our body pulls down towards the earth and the yang energy in our body moves upwards. When these oppositly spiraling forces converge, unite in an individual, he is able to escape this polarity more and more through inward focus.

The yang and the yin energies spiral in the body in concentric circles and the converging of these opposite spirals at the central point can be represented as infinity.
Infinity represents equilibrium or unity, the balance between male and female forces.The union is experienced and described as a feeling of bliss. Being a dynamic equilibrium, this union or infinity needs to be repeatedly balanced by awareness (Infinity though is the ultimate destination,is in flux and so is required to be kept in balance by awareness).

When this union happens we are more aware of the pure consciousness within the very centre of these converging spirals. When we focus into this pure consciousness, bring awareness to the very centre of the spiral, the point of infinity; the pairs of opposites vanishes completely which is felt as a stillness. When we seek answers in this state, the answers are reflected on our mind just as as the moon is reflected clearly in still waters. The stiller the mind, the more centered; the clearer the picture.

Though the yang is centred in the head and the yin in the body, yet if any chakras are not open the other chakras can compensate. For example though the right and left brains have different functions still when the right brain is damaged in some accident it has been noted that the left can take over many of its functions and vice versa. Similarly when lower chakras are blocked, the chakras in head can compensate for yin as well. That is each incomplete unit can be complete too!

In fact everything in the universe is such that each microcosm can be the image of the whole macrocosm. This means that the macrocosm called heaven is not merely the destination, it can be there in each microcosm called a human maintained in a fluctuating equilibrium, quite like how the whole of universe is!

Ideally, from the smallest unit to the biggest everything should become complete, and each microcosm has to be united to the macrocosm.

What happens when there is imbalance of energy? Shiva is yang, or can be called masculine energy and shakti is yin or feminine energy. Either energy on its own in the individual has its issues. The yin alone can make a man addicted to the lusts of the world, aids in developing manipulating capacities born out of self interests; whereas the yang alone can make a man too straightforward to survive in the world, also leads to intolerance to any kind of evils and a quite unforgiving nature. These imbalances in nature, happens when some chakras are blocked.

What causes the blocks in the yin or yang chakras? Yin is often blocked in overly religious people and yang is blocked in overly worldy people. Religion often leads to non acceptance of the world, ones sexuality etc and can lead to blocking of the lower chakras but as stated, the fall side is that it can make man unforgiving because of a denying of the worldly aspects like sex and self interest. On the other hand the lack of religious fear can make a man give in totally to the world and inturn blocks the upper chakras. It can make a man very adept at meeting selfish wishes by the use of manipulation, but with total lack of justice, and conscience.

Uniting of the forces leads to balance of divine strength with the powers of the world. With time and practice opening of the lower chakras in a person with an already opened yang, leads to tolerance, forgiveness, unconditional love and worldly tact as well. Whereas opening of the upper chakras in a person with higher yin, helps in reducing addictions, slavery to lusts, increases empathy, justice and fairness.

But this united energy is again a tool in our hands.The balance between Yin and Yang as stated before is dynamic, that is it is constantly changing. How do we balance it? We can consciously balance it by balancing our external focuses; by not getting too dragged into any one aspect of life.

That is if we find ourselves focused on instincts, we have to balance it with intellectual activites That is when a yin center is newly opened there might be an increased focus on worldly things which needs to be consciously balanced with the yang.

In fact we can understand which energy we have yet to open in us or use optimally, by analyzing either ourselves or our circumstances. Life's circumstances compliment our internal state. Our circumstances are the aids to any unopened or underused chakra. All things pass and so if we stand through the toughest circumstance without breaking, and focus on solutions, then it in turn can strengthen us.

In other words; when we are pulled down by difficulties, our inner resources can be pulled up. It can not only unlock the unopened centres of strength in us but also serve as opportunities to work with our newly opened energies and develop holistically. In a way we do create our circumstances and we can change our circumstance by changing from within towards balance. The more balanced we are the easier it is to maintain equanimity in all circumstances.

We know the Lord's prayer that Jesus gave us in which we implore to God saying “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”! God always intended earth to be a paradise! God intended each individual to be perfect and whole like Him and when we surrender to his will, he pushes us towards the perfection he wants in us slowly and surely!

We lost our paradise through disobedience, by giving in to the lower pulls and closing the upper pull when in fact we were intended to be balanced. Naturally the lower pull can be stronger and more overpowering and therefore the codes of conduct, the fear of God and hence obedience is required to maintain a balance of energies. Giving in forever to lower energies is the real hell a man creates for himself, which he realizes eventually but feels too trapped and addicted to get out of.

God intended earth and man to be like heaven which is only possible through obedience to the laws written in our hearts. Despite being conflicted in every moment, awareness of what is within and without can help us live each moment in a balanced union of the forces. These powers help the spirit to transcend the current level/plane of existence and be born fully into the spiritual realm while still living the earthly existence. All religions have given us codes of conduct which can replicate heaven on earth, God in man; but internal change and realization of this unity is required for human kind to bring about this heaven within and on earth.

It is in our power to make life and earth a pleasant journey, a heaven every moment and not merely a hell road to a destination called heaven. If that was not God's will as well then there would not have arrived incarnations or avatars to teach us ways to bring about the heaven on earth, to bring about equilibrium whenever there is too much of disequilibrium in the world energies. There would not have been a Jesus telling us “Do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”John 14:27.

We are not here on earth to live a deteriorated conflicted existence rather we are intended to overcome the world and be transformed into heavens within our beings.
“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)


Rahul Bhatia said...

Jerly, it is amazing the way you correlate different set of beliefs in one homogeneous post to make it understood! Lovey manner in which you correlated, Yin and Yang, Kundalni and Chakras with the Christian beliefs!

Monu Awalla said...

I have not seen such a beautiful & explicit interpretation of chakras & Importance of head-body union.

The best part was the 'solution' given by you about how we can control the push-pull activities of Yin and Yang to attain equilibrium or stability.

The new thing I learned here is the point you mentioned regarding the compensation of energies between chakras.

Enjoyed it thoroughly from tip to bottom.. A very pleasant read indeed.. :) :)

Melissa Tandoc said...

It's a good long and interesting read...there are so many points to ponder on but I'd leave that for another day. I believe that as long as God is present, then we experience heaven on earth...

dr.antony said...

First time here.Serious stuff.
There are similarities in many philosophies,because they all revolve around the same principles..Man,God and the Universe.

Irfanuddin said...

wow, a well researched post i must say, frankly speaking i read it twice with full attention.....btw as far as i understand 'yin n yang' is a logical approach to co-relate two different aspects of life or movements with in the nature, but i am not sure...

a thoughtful post by you...:)

Jerly said...

Thanks Rahul,Monu, Melissa, Dr Antony, Irfannuddin.Thanks for ur support. Yes Irfannudin, it is two different aspects and conveniently considered as male and female. Infact I learnt that in some sects, yang aspects are called Shakti ang yin aspects are called Shiva (opposite)

The Poet said...

Dear Jerly,
Time will not allow me to share in this conversation with you. It all depends on our belief. If HEAVEN is also on earth....the earth will not be filled with so much sadness, hatred, greed, war and pain. Tell me, what good is a religion if it does not bring peace? Or, how can any man kill another man of his own religion? Man claims a country as his own...show me the man, or men who created the earth to claim it as his own (smile)? Thanks for sharing.

Jerly said...

Thanks Andy for bringing your perspective. It is precisely because we do not allow heaven to be on earth, to be within us, it is precisely because we allow the worldy nature to lead us to disobedience that suffering came into the world. Had it not been for the first sin of disobedience we would have still had the heaven on Earth. I believe Eve tempting Adam to disobey is symbolic of the earhtly nature overruling the heavenly nature in each man. It is said that with the first man Adam, sin came into the world; and through the first Born word incarnate (Jesus), with connecting to Him, sin is removed. when we connect to the upper power (born again into the spirit) we connect to the divine and become a part of Him. All religions say the same albeit in different words.

Fhermission said...

This post deserve a lot of contemplation Jerly...
I do agree however that most religions have many things in common and those similarities which Sciences mistakenly identify as a flaw in itself. (No further comment so far on this matter)

The similarities just proves that in the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was GOD; meaning there was one source of knowledge back then...but as times goes by, as population spread out...these basic knowledge was tainted with human ideas...traditions begun to mix within what God's original intent.
Tribes and Kingdoms form each one their God.Religion is basically human ways to reach The Creator...
that is why He have to save man from further polluting His image. He send Jesus to save us from further harm.
Thus, Jesus declared "I am the Way, the Truth, and The Life..." and we must TAKE NOTE that NO ONE can come to The Father except they went Jesus ways. No other name is given under heaven... "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved" - Acts 4:12

Thanks so much Jerly, I do learn a lot here. Is there heaven on earth? For now we can pray "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven..."
That should make our life exist with more purpose. But everything will come to an end...yet God promise, there will be New Heaven and New Earth. SOON!!!!

Jerly said...

Thanks Fher, I know how we usually differ on these matters and yet you could see the unity I am speaking about. Adams disobedience led to loss of the paradise. It is through Jesus's obedience to Gods will even when it meant a painful death, (despite being disturbed by the pain he was going to suffer, making him pray with tears of blood), that the paradise, the baptism by the spirit was opened up to all who believe in him. True faith is all that is required here!

Healing Morning said...

Jerly, this was beautifully communicated! I enjoyed how you weaved the various disciplines together and offered specific explanations of Kundalini, Chakras and what/how they govern the etheric energies. This is one I will revisit, and I'm also going to share on my FB wall. I so enjoy your posts, as I always come away with a better understanding of many concepts where I am still at novice level.

Much love to you!

- Dawn

Healing Morning said...

Btw, Jerly, if you're on Facebook, please look me up and send me a Friend request. I'd love to connect with you there!


- Dawn

Destination Infinity said...

If balance is the key, I wonder why we have adopted a system that is pushing us towards being more and more worldly?

Jerly said...

Thanks Healing Morning.

@Destination Infinity- Balance is the key does not mean everybody is aware of it. If everybody was aware of it I wouldn't need to write on it as a personal discovery.

People try the extremes and if they gain wisdom by seeing the unhappiness in it they arrive at the equilibrium- they discover this ideal called 'fluctuating mean' which is the key to staying happy, maintaining happiness through fine adjustments to the balance according to the circumstance

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