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Friday, January 22, 2010

The fortunately unlucky...?

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out"
In all the schools I have studied, the very first opportunity to say the 'Thought for the Day" would find me say this Thought.
In life as well, often at every other crossroad when I find a so called lack of good luck, I find my mind turn again to the same Thought.
I have found reasons to trust this saying. For a river beset with a tough path sees more of the world in it's winding way. The easy lucky path tries less, shows less, teaches less.

In my teens I had written a poem titled 'The Worst'. I loved that poem more than any other poem I had written at that time, but unluckily I lost the whole collection. Today I feel like rewriting it. I remember only a few lines and I am gonna recreate just two stanzas from the old poem around the words I can remember

The worst?

The worst is nature's naughty mask,
to wring out all for a worthy task.
The worst can sure be the hardest whack,
but it tests our teeth and weighs our stack.

Look the worst in the eye, pull its mask aside;
for sure you will find life smiling wide
When the worst does fall, got to deal it right...
For the 'hardest nut', has a soft inside....!

And now a fresh small poem celebrating the fact that there are people who trust and love my words. Most people notice things on a pedestal, but it is such a greater joy to be noticed when still in the mud. It is also a poem for all those who happen to be....

Fortunately unlucky

Failed again.., Oh yes, as you see..
and may wonder with not the slightest clue
'Are you worthless or just plain unlucky?'
Failed again, Oh yes it's true
It's the eyes of the world that have failed to see
'cause I am good, I am more, I have found anew!
Failed..Failed, it's a word to me
are there any scales that can judge the true?
'Tough luck'.Wrings more.Ah! Fortunately....


Kiran said...

Nicely said.You are lucky to have this gift with words... keep writing!!

Jerly said...

thank u!!!!!!

Monu Awalla said...

Hmmm very nicely done. But this poem, in general, is for everyone coz each of us has faced the bad luck at some point of r life. As you said to me-- your poem is like comfortin'people in difficult times of their lives. Gud very gud in fact. I loved it!!

Monu Awalla said...

I have 1 poem for u as well i.e. my new poem on "Global warming." It's plain ,simple & in hindi. It's waitin' for ur comment actually. ;)

Jovy Thomas said...

Simply wonderful poems.... They are very touchy...

GvSparx said...

I can surely relate to this complete journey of yours!!

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out"
We are the designers....!!!

It's the eyes of the world that have failed to see
'cause I am good, I am more, I have found anew!
I have lived this......I continue to do so...
When I do good, I feel good...When I do bad, I feel bad....-Lincoln

I feel good about my work. if this world cannot understand that. I can only sympathize with it...

Inspired :)

Jerly said...

:) My Pleasure u found it inspiring.
Take care

Jerly said...

Very touching quote and explanation to it. Yeah if we feel good about it, it is good

Maverick V said...

I could totally relate to Fortunately Unlucky... now that I read this I understand that its ok that I suffered emotionally n mentally at a young age and seen through all the failures, the maximum that could hit me.. your post beautifully reminds me that yes its good that it has happened early in life and now failed...failed is a word to me.. :) from this rock bottom its no going down.. only flying high up rising like a pheonix... :)

Jerly said...

I would clap for the pheonix with all my spirit . LOVE

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