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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New age 'etiquettes'

I have been learning and trying to incorporate the new age 'etiquettes' for some time now, and nothing helps me incorporate lessons better than writing it down.
1. If you dont like something dont say it, just forget to do something that you usually do.
2.If questioned dont tell the truth that it was because you were hurt, just say you forgot. You avoid an issue but make your statement without actually making any.
3. It is cool to ignore some statements of the other person
4. It is cool to answer only one question, when you are asked two.
5. It is cool to look busy when the other person is trying to talk to you.

The old world was well mannered and truthful and genuine, but if you are that way today you would not be respected! No, I am not being sarcastic. If you find old world people like yourself, be as you are, but when you see the slightest hint of a new age personality and you want to be respected, then be of the new world or else...it really can get frustrating and you might end up gettin hurt!
Soon the new age person will come round and try being sweet to you, BUTdont soften and revert to the original you. The new age is deceptive and selfish. Dont let down your guard, be selfish, keep carrying through your new age plan, keep looking out. ......if you hate being hit when you are not looking!

PS: It's a different world all around today, and it is wise to adapt. I only mean that; 'When in Rome do as the Romans do'. I dont mean at all that being Roman is good. Adapting will help protect your interests (which hopefully are good and important enough!)


Jovy Thomas said...
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Jovy Thomas said...

I had a smile while reading this blog.It is funny plus it makes us think too.

Funny, because....I was imagining the frustration of the other person, who is being ignored and whose questions are unanswered!!! :D

Jerly said...

Thanks Jovy, u are a sweetheart. Always so apt comments

Veeto said...

first two are okay but on last three I'm not convinced as etiquette. If you keep following these three, the other person may feel something negative about you or you may loose some important things from him in long run.
Being Roman is always good in this new world.

Jerly said...

U are absolutely right what u wrote. But I mean that it is only to be practised with those who already are using those 'Manners'!!!ETIQUETTE word I used sarcastically and I actually mean BAD MANNERS.

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