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Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Alternate Reality

Sometimes it is easier on psycholigical health to create an alternate reality and live in it. To live in a tailormade reality, when truth can be shattering or painful. The real world is not really for everyone. It is easier to be born, than to face the realities of life.

The papers revealed that "Sachh ka Samana' the Indian version of the popular reality show " Moment of Truth, had affected the common public to play it out in their own homes and it even led to a suicide where the person couldnt stand the truth that he made his spouse admit to. What I believe is; if you can bear only one option as an answer to a question don't ask it. The truth is not for the feeble hearted. Life and people are only what we believe it or them to be. It is often better to believe what we want to believe. And it is also quite sadistic to force the truth on a spouse who is happy to believe in an imagined reality.

An alternative to reality or an alternate reality is lived in and required in various contexts and circumstances. To look at another context is the latest issue over history. Jaswant Singh,senior leader of BJP was not really wrong in writing what he felt to be the truth(about Jinnah, even if he seemed to favour him), neither was the BJP very wrong in showing non support to his views (by expelling him), as their party and it's members had to adhere to their own tailormade truth.

After these episodes, I understand better why a Christian publication I approached for publishing my book "The Thomases' Road to Realization' (which seeks to convey that all religions are speaking of one truth), cited one of their reasons for not publishing it as(in essence) -it being too secular for christian publishing. I see the point; Each religious institution needs to hold on to its own or else wont there become a single universal religion..a single party all believing the same truth?

But is that really so bad? Acknowledging the uniting factors or getting a different perspective does not take away the essence of any party or institution. Rather it only confirms that the essence is absolute making it in all hearts firmer and unshakable, quite like how all sticks tied together is unbreakable!

The world stays as it is for now believing that it cannot be interesting being united and one. Happy with the way things are, afraid of change or trying out a new perspective and a new way to being the world. Those with a mind and heart for the universal truth cannot live in this static world, they have no option yet, except to imagine a united world and live in that alternate reality.

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