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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

References and Contents


1 The Holy Bible; the new revised standard version; Catholic Edition
2 Om, Gayatri and Sandhya; Swami Mukhyananda
3 Indian Journal of Spirituality, July-Sept 2001;Vol. XIV, No 3
4 More Than a Carpenter; Josh Mc Dowell
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8 Nineyum Thedy; Mario Joseph (Malayalam)
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14 The Wisdom of Yoga; KP Bahadur


POST 1 /Chapter 1- Introduction
The Thomases’ Road to Realization?

Section I

POST 2 /Chapter 2- The start to questions
POST 3 /Chapter 3- Secular versus orthodox
POST 4 /Chapter 4- The four linked questions
POST 5 /Chapter 5- Other doubts linked to Jesus

Section II

POST 6 /Chapter 6- Towards building a relationship with God
POST 7 /Chapter 7- The Christian approach to God
POST 8 /Chapter 8- Self awareness as an approach to God
POST 9 /Chapter 9- The Vedic approach to God
POST 10/Chapter10- Intercession in the approach to God
POST 11/Chapter11- Prayer in the approach to God

POST 12/Chapter12- Conclusion
Destination Faith


Anonymous said...

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Dennis D. said...

Hello, Jerly

I do not know if you remember me, but I exchanged a few comments with you on my blog a while back. I have read some of your initial posts on the Thomas's Road to Realization, and I have many thoughts about this. However, I am not sure where to begin, and I am concerned that our fundamentally different backgrounds and perspectives might hinder our discussion about these issues. Nevertheless, I would be willing to enter into a dialogue with you if you would like to try to bridge those gaps between us. I would like to encourage you to read a short book called New Birth or Rebirth: A conversation between Jesus and Hare Kristna by Ravi Zacharias. He also wrote a book titled Sense and Sensuality: Jesus talks to Oscar Wilde. I have heard the first on an unabridged audio and thought the Oscar Wilde book might be appealing because you specifically mentioned enjoying him in your profile. Hope to continue to hear from you either on my blog or in reference to future discussion about the nature of truth claims within various religions or both. :) Sincerely, Dennis

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